About Us

Who we are:

The Flying Samaritans is a student led organization dedicated to providing free medical services to the medically underserved community of El Florido, Mexico. Once a month San Diego State University students travel along with volunteering health-care providers to conduct medical screenings, provide treatments, and organize preventative care education sessions for visiting patients. Our mission to create a patient centered environment with an emphasis in preventative care creates an atmosphere that extends above and beyond a standard clinic experience. Flying Samaritans has treated more than one thousand patients since its inception.

Throughout the years,  SDSU students have become more involved with the Tijuana community through a variety of orphanage outreach programs and also within our local San Diego area by recruiting specialty clinicians such as as: OB/Gyn’s to conduct a women’s health clinic, Optometrists for cataract and vision screenings, Physical Therapists helping with daily life activity pains and strength training, and Dentists to assist with overall oral hygiene, prevention, and treatments.

Typical Clinic Day:

A typical clinic day begins by meeting at 4:45 am to check-in, take roll call, and place everyone in their designated vehicle to form a caravan traveling across the Otay Mesa Border. Once crossing the border we have a 20 minute travel time to reach the community center in which we have a communal space to set up provider rooms, lab, and triage, as well as our own designated Dental Pavilion where dental and pharmacy set up shop. The shared space is where the medical patient rooms and triage tables are set up. We usually have 3-4 patient rooms.In the lower pavilion, we have pharmacy and the dental clinic set up. We have the capacity for 3 dental chairs to be set up in the back building. Outside the shared space is where a registration table is set up and where the patients wait to be seen.


In October 2011 the SDSU Palomar chapter Flying Samaritans was founded by 8 dedicated members. We have since grown our Flying Samaritan family to over 500 caring individuals from a variety of academic majors, backgrounds, and career goals. We look forward to meeting future volunteers. For more information please email us at flyingsamaritanssdsu@gmail.com.