If you are a member and would like a greater role within Flying Samaritans, please join a committee of your interest by contacting the officer in charge as listed below.

Committee #1: Pharmacy

Anyone willing to help in this committee must attend our Clinic Clean Up/Med Sorting day on every Sunday, the week before clinic. Anyone interested in being a part of pharmacy committee must be willing to take a pharm tech exam and obtain their pharm tech license (study sessions for the exam are held once a week). Pharmacy committee members will work in Pharmacy alongside Olivia and Marcy, our pharmacy coordinators, to ensure every patient receives proper medications.

Please be aware that you must be available to attend clinic twice a month (once on clinic day and once for med sorting).

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in healthcare that wants to learn more about medications prescribed to patients. Please contact Olivia ( or Marcy ( if interested.

Committee #2: Public Health

The public health committee is a great way to get involved in practicing and learning about relevant health issues. Being in the committee allows you the opportunity to provide your input on the best ways to pursue public health at our clinic. It is a great way to practice talking to patients about health issues. The committee will help promote prevention and control of prevalent diseases. They will work in conjunction with the public health officers, Talia and Katelyn, on various tasks. These tasks will aid in the presentation of important health issues for the patients. Email Talia ( or Katelyn ( if you would like to join or learn more.

You can also join our dental public health committee which deals with also presents important health issues to patients, but specifically relating to the mouth, teeth, and gums. Email our dental public health chair Maricela ( if interested.

Committee #3: Fundraising

Help organize fundraisers and gathering necessary material such as tables, making signs, etc. Help call potential banquet locations and gathering materials for banquet. Help with any other tasks the fundraising chair sees fit. Please contact our fundraising chairs, Kylie ( and Kaeli (, if you are interested in being a part of this committee.

  • assisting with end of year fundraiser banquet
  • Reaching sponsors/donors through various means of communication
  • Assist with fundraising materials (tables, signs, etc.)
  • new fundraising ideas/ events