“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.” ~Anderson

Every clinic has its own inspiring and precious moments. Below are a few of our member’s experience with Flying Samaritans.

Volunteer #1: Alana Ghanim

“Getting to interact with patients & working with fellow Flying Samaritans has really taught me how to be compassionate and has shown me what a simple smile can do.

Volunteer #2: Victoria Hernandez

“I never thought helping in a small way by translating would be so rewarding. Today I learned more about medicine than I have from any other healthcare experience”

 Volunteer #3 (SPT): Michele Kunde

“This was my second trip (9/13/14) to Ejido Matamoros with the SDSU Flying Sams as a Student Physical Therapist (SPT). I am continually amazed at the organization of the clinic. The students and providers see upwards of 50 patients each trip, and everything always runs as smoothly as possible. The church has been generous in letting us use half of their classroom for physical therapy (PT) services. The demand for PT has increased at the clinic, even from May (my first clinic trip) to September. We see an average of 10 patients each month, and it seems more and more of the community members are buying into the benefits of PT. I am grateful to the SDSU Flying Sams for opening up the clinic to licensed PTs/PTAs, SPTs, and student PTAs as of January 2014. I think this addition to the Ejido Matamoros clinic will allow us to be even more effective at treating patients dealing with common ailments seen in this community, especially diabetes and chronic pain. I cannot wait to return as a SPT, and maybe as a practitioner one day!”

Flying sams

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