Clinic Day Instructions for Volunteers

Alterra Check-In:

When you arrive at Alterra Apartments our secretary will be checking you in. They will check for your U.S passport/passport card. Scrubs will now be handed out at clinic. Once all volunteers have arrived and checked in, you will be assigned to your cars and will leave together and head to clinic no later than 5am. Make sure your membership form has been filled out and sent in. It can be found here:


We travel 20 minutes south of the Otay Border to a community center known as “Build a Miracle” (BAM). We use two spaces: a large multipurpose area and a smaller pavilion that houses dental and pharmacy.


All cars travel together at all times. Every car has an officer and a Spanish speaker, which is why we ask that you remain in the car assigned to you. If you are a driver: please respect all rules, drive in a single file, and remember to look out for the FS cars infront and behind you. Should there be a problem, pull over so the rest of the group knows to stop.

Once at the Otay Border, we suggest you put your phones on Airplane Mode, so that you are not charged with roaming fees.

After all patients have been seen and we are ready to head out, the carpool list will be announced and ALL cars should leave together to make sure we all arrive safely at the border.

Wait time is usually between 30min-3hrs. There’s always plenty of food/snacks that can be bought while we wait. After crossing all cars head to the Alterra Apartments where volunteers are dropped off. Each driver is to report to the President once the group has made it to Alterra.


Feel free to leave your belongings in the designated area in your station. If you are more comfortable leaving them in the car, feel free to do so.


Flying Samaritans will on occasion provide water. Volunteers are responsible for bringing their own food and there will be no trips to stores (OXXO, Calimax, etc.).


There are several restrooms throughout the facilities. Your station lead will direct you to the closest one. Please do not flush paper down the toilet and instead deposit it in the bin next to the toilet.

Patient Privacy:

We ask that you do not upload pictures of patients on social media and apply the shadowing guidelines to the entire clinic setting. We expect our volunteers to behave in a professional manner and respect guidelines similar to those established in the United States regarding protected health information.