Optometry Clinic Coordinator

About Christine:

Christine is one of the co-coordinators for the Optometry branch of the Flying Samaritans which partners with the FOCUS pre-Optometry club on campus and SCCO and WUCO optometry schools. She is a third year SDSU student completing the Interdisciplinary Studies program with Biology, Chemistry and Psychology as her three disciplines. Her goal is to attend optometry school after graduation and settle into a career in optometry. She hopes to have the opportunity to volunteer with Flying Samaritans or a similar organization as an optometrist in the future. This will be her first year on the executive board and she looks forward to working with some wonderful people and spreading the word about the optometry clinics. Christine wants anybody interested in volunteering at the optometry clinic to please visit the Optometry Clinic page! She is the president of FOCUS and encourages anybody interested in optometry to volunteer.

Responsibilities of the Optometry Clinic Coordinator:

The Co-Optometry Clinic Coordinator shall be responsible for all affairs in Tecate for the optometry clinic. The Co-Optometry Clinic Coordinator shall be responsible for recruiting providers, assigning volunteers and assuring all supplies are at each clinic.