Jeremy DeRouen

About Jeremy:

Jeremy is a sophomore in the SDSU School of Nursing. He is a transfer student from The San Diego City College and this is his second year serving on the Flying Samaritans Executive Board. Upon graduating, he hopes to work in emergency nursing and to continue his involvement with groups such as the Flying Samaritans throughout his career. He is extremely excited about the upcoming year with the Flying Sams and the opportunities the new clinic location will afford its members and new patients.

Responsibilities of the Treasurer:

The Treasurer shall handle all financial affairs and budgeting of the organization, maintain all necessary accounting records, and prepare monthly financial reports for the membership. Said records shall be maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The Treasurer shall collect and deposit all dues and fees. The Treasurer shall maintain bank accounts in the organization’s name. The Treasurer shall order scrubs for every member and provide insurance for all drivers. The Treasurer shall be responsible for making sure all the necessary supplies are ready for each clinic.