View the following photos to gain a perspective of our clinic over the past three years.

Dr. Valesco examining a two week old newborn.
PA Lindsay Ambur during one of her multiple examinations.
Dr. Diaz with one of our regular patients.
Volunteers and Provider at the September's Clinic
Dr. Daramola overseeing the triage station as Paramedic Matthew and translator Mariana triage one of the patients.
Lab Station
Paramedic Matt updating patient's history.
EMT certified, Ellie Rezaii, triaging another family.
Pharmacy Station
2014-'15 Pharmacy coordinator, Ari Rosales, checking for medication availability.
Michael Bazzi with another one of our regular volunteers updating patient files.
Myrna Rivers with one of our frequent members checking in patients.
Triage Station
Dr.Ashori examination with one of our regular patients.
Common disease brief presentations.
2012-'13 President Ruth Aguilar assisting with lab.
Flying Sams 2nd year volunteers.
Flying Sams 1st year volunteers.
RN Mitzi Albano teaching how to withdraw blood from Luke Suder for a blood transfusion.
External VP, Gabe Vahi-Ferguson, with a couple patients.
A few of the founding leaders.
Mitzi Albano and Rasa Rafie assisting with lab.
Pharmacy coordinator of '13, Jeremy Borbon, with a patient.
Flying Sams Clinic Wrap Up.
Nursing students assisting in our triage lab.
Registration Volunteers.
Pharmacy Volunteers.
Frequent volunteers with our first patient of the first Flying Sams of SDSU's clinic.
Flying Sams 3rd Anniversary.
Vice Presidents, Michael Bazzi & Geraldo Hernandez with Dr. Daramola.
Flying Sams 2nd year anniversary.
Public Health officers educating patients on diabetes.
Volunteer Jose triaging a patient.
Dr. Farook creating a cast for one of our frequent patients.
Volunteers enjoying tacos during their break.
Pharmacy coordinators and volunteers.
Volunteers handing out holiday gifts during December's clinic.