April Minutes ’14

April Clinic Requirements: the next clinic will be on April 12th. It will be a regular clinic and we will have the PT program come with us again. To be eligible to sign-up for the clinic, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Membership Application and Dues ($20)
  • Have a passport
  • Purchase scrubs ($15)
  • Attend a meeting before the clinic (last meeting before clinic is March 24th @6pm)
  • Participate in the fundraiser (see below)
  • Pharmacy donation on the day of the clinic ($10)
  • Gas/Mexican insurance on the day of the clinic ($10)
CAR WASH FUNDRAISER: At the meeting on Monday, the fundraising chairs passed out the car wash tickets to those who wanted to participate in the fundraiser. You must sell 5 tickets and have the money ready to be turned in to the Fundraising Chairs by Monday March 24th (next meeting). If you lose any tickets, it is your responsibility to cover the cost of it ($10 each). If you didn’t get a chance to pick up your tickets, please contact Jennifer Felix (619-888-1466) or Hayley Gorman (508-277-7518) to schedule a meet-up time to pick it up. If you have any other questions about the fundraiser, please also contact Jennifer and Hayley.
Just to clarify any misunderstanding, only members who participate in this fundraiser will be able to sign-up for the April clinic when we send out the google doc. From this list, we will then pick the members who are chosen to go.
Princeton Review Guest Speaker: At our next meeting we will be having a guest speaker come and talk to you guys about medical school, applications, tips for the MCAT, etc. This will be a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about getting into any health schools, so we encourage everyone to come with questions.
MCAT Practice Test: On April 19th, we will be having the MCAT practice test from 9am-3pm. It costs $10 to participate, and you get the chance to take a real MCAT test in a test setting, get your score on the same day, and have the chance to talk to someone about your scores and how to improve. Food will be provided! At the next meeting (March 24th) we will be collecting the $10 and having sign-up for those who want to participate.
Explore SDSU: This is a tabling event happening this Saturday, March 15th, on campus. We need at least 5 more volunteers to come help us promote our organization for 1 hour slots. Please sign-up if you are free that day so that we can represent our amazing group along side other organizations on campus! Below is the sign-up google document, you can sign-up for however long you can stay for. Ideally we would like at least 2-3 members in each time slot. Please contact Jennifer Cullison (847-445-0928) if you have any questions about this event or if you have trouble finding the table on the day of.
FS T-Shirt: It’s not too late to put your name down for a Flying Samaritan T-Shirt if you didn’t get a chance to at the meeting! It was designed by our very own member, Matt Manglal-lan, and it looks amazing! If you would like one, respond to this email with your preferred shirt size. The shirts are unisex size so most likely closer to men’s. If you are a girl and usually wear small/xsmall, put down “youth size” instead. The cost will be $15 and please pay as soon as you can.
That’s it for this week’s meeting, please contact us if you have any questions!
May 10th Clinic
The following are the requirements for the May clinic:
  • Application and paid membership ($20)
  • Passport
  • Purchase scrubs ($15) unless you have the navy blue nursing scrubs
  • Attend a meeting before the clinic (last chance is May 5th at 6pm)
  • Attend the Krispy Kreme Fundraiser
    • Date: Wednesday, April 30th
    • Location: In front of Hepner Hall near the flag pole
    • Time: 1hr shift between 7am-2pm
    • Sign-up: Only those who are chosen to go to the clinic, must volunteer at the Krispy Kreme Fundraiser. A separate email will be sent  to sign up for an hour slot. 
  • $10 pharmacy donation
  • $10 for gas/mexican insurance
Please click on the link below to sign up for the May 10th Clinic.
Graduation Stoles
If you ordered a stole and still haven’t paid for it, please do so ASAP to our fundraising chairs, Jennifer Felix and Hayley Gorman. These will be passed out at banquet.
  • Date: Friday, May 2nd
  • Location: Las Hadas bar and Grill in Downtown
  • Time: 6pm-9pm
    • Minors will be given wristbands and will have to leave by 8:30
  • Price: $5 for members, and $5 for each guest. Invite your friends and families! We will be passing out certificates, stoles, etc. so invite people to come celebrate with us.
Pharmacy Coordinators Elections
  • Date: May 5th
  • Time: After the general meeting at 6pm
  • Please come prepared with a 3-4 minutes speech about why you are suited for the positions.
  • Attire: Business
  • Applications due date: Emailed by Friday, May 2nd at 4pm.  

College of Science Wall

The college of science would like Flying Samaritans to contribute to the new wall that they are having built to promote the sciences. We really need help filling out our section of the wall with pictures (lots of pictures!), quotes, and anything else that is related to our organization. Please email Niveen (Niveen17.nk@gmail.com) any pictures you have of the clinic and maybe a sentence or two about what you love about our club or something unforgettable about your experiences. Please do this by Friday!