February ’15 Minutes

February 9th, 2015 Meeting:

Thank you to everyone who came out to meeting yesterday and thank you for your patience as we went through all of the clinic details!
This email is fairly long but please read all of it, there is a lot of information for elections, fundraisers, graduating members, and upcoming clinics!
Feb. 14th Clinic
Members attending this Saturdays clinic, please look out for a clinic reminder email by Fridaywith details on what time to meet and what to bring with you.
March 14th Clinic Requirements
– Attend a general meeting (if can’t attend please let us know to find an alternative for this requirement)
– Have a valid US passport booklet/card or sentri card
– Participate in the Krispy Kreme fundraiser (more info later)
– $30 Membership fee + application (for new members only; due day of clinic)
– Purchase scrubs ($15; this now includes nursing students)
– $10 pharmacy + $10 gas donation (not due until day of clinic)
**March Clinic Signup will be emailed later**
2015-2016 Officer Elections
-Applications will be sent out March 2nd via email
-Application will be due March 9th at the end of general meeting
-Elections will take place March 23rd 5-7pm (no general meeting this date)
-More info to come later
Fundraising & Banquet Info
– March clinic fundraiser will be a Krispy Kreme donut sale on campus on March 4th 7:45am – 1pm *This fundraiser is required for members who would like to be eligible to attend the March 14th Clinic
– Car wash fundraiser (April Clinic Requirement)
    *Tickets will be handed out at our next meeting
-Flying Sams Banquet
    *April 24th 6pm
    *More info to come later

Graduation Stoles

If you are an active member who is graduating this spring and would like to purchase a Flying Samaritans stole you can go ahead and sign up on the link below. We will have information on prices and what the stole will look like later on. If you are unsure wether you would like a stole then refrain from putting your name on the list until we have prices and an image of the stole if that determines your decision. 

CSSC Announcements: 

On March 14, 2015, San Diego State University will be hosting it’s annual EXPLORE SDSU event. This is a great opportunity for us to market our FS organization and to learn about all the other SDSU organizations. College of Science graduation cords are a total of 15 points, 1 hour will be 1 point (max of 6 points) at this event.
Please see attached Google Doc, sign up for a time slot, help promote Flying Samaritans booth and share about the accomplishments Flying Samaritans has achieved.
*See attached powerpoints for clinic training 
If there are an questions please let me know!
Have a great week!