January ’15 Minutes

January 26th, 2015 Meeting: 

I hope you’ve all had a nice weekend. Attached to this email is the powerpoint presented in our first general meeting.
Topics discussed include the following:
Membership begins once you attend your first clinic & to be eligible to attend clinic you must satisfy the following requirements:
-Need to participate in that months fundraiser
-Need to attend a general meeting prior to clinic
-Have a valid US passport card/booklet
-Pay the $30 membership fee
-Pay$15 for scrubs (this now includes nursing students due to the Nursing Schools desire to keep their name separate from clinic since it is not affiliated with the Nursing school)
-Pay the $10 pharmacy & gas donation
*All fees are paid the morning of clinic
*If you have conflicts with our general meeting times and wish to attend that months clinic just email us so we can find a way for you to make up the requirement
Clinic Location Update
Unfortunately, the Feb. 14th clinic will be our last clinic at the current location in the Benito Abad church. We will be moving to a new location after the Feb. 14th clinic and our March clinic will be the first clinic in the new location.
For member attending the March clinic we ask that you have more patience and willingness to help out throughout the day as it will be a new environment and setting for all including the officers and patients.
If anyone is interested in helping us move we will be having a moving day Feb. 21st and it would be really appreciated! Please let us know if you are interested in helping.
Officer Elections
Due to the clinic changing locations we will be holding off elections for later in the semester.
Officer applications will be emailed to all members on  March 7th
Applications are due March 9th
Elections will take place on March 23rd 
*Further instructions will be sent out closer to these dates
Power Point Presentation
Garage Sale Fundraiser
We will be having a garage sale fundraiser on Feb. 7th at our clinic coordinators (Myrna) moms house from 8-12 for those who would like to participate and the location is: 1969 Raedal Ct. San Diego 92154 *This fundraiser is not required for clinic and will not count for the March clinic either
Pharmacy Position 
Interested in becoming the 2015-2016 SDSU Flying Samaritans Pharmacy Coordinator?!
If so, you will have the following responsibilities… aka opportunities!
– Attend every clinic (every 2nd Saturday)
– Attend “med-sorting” days to organize meds prior to clinic day (usually 2-4 hours, but you can decide… and then eat tacos after!)
– Update inventory list every month to plan med orders
– Learn how to read prescriptions and work with providers
– Teach students and solidify own pharmacology knowledge
– And safely deliver medications to our patients at Ejido Matamoros!
Please contact me if you have serious inquiries about being next year’s coordinator, but you can participate with pharmacy in other ways: Researching meds, creating patient instructions, and/or helping organize a new system.
Thankfully, Sarah Provencher has stepped in to help me for the rest of the semester! But again, if you have any interests or questions, contact me and I’ll get you involved asap!
Thank you,
**For those interested in this position for next years executive board it would be a good idea to touch base with Jamille and get involved now so you can really understand the duties and amount of work this position takes and evaluate if you will have time for this position next year!
If there are any other questions please do not hesitate to ask!