March ’15 Minutes

March 9th, 2015 Meeting: 

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for coming to our general meeting, its always great to see new and familiar faces!
CSSC Updates/Explore SDSU
Remember to sign your name on the check-in list to make sure you get cord points from the College of Science Council if you are volunteering. Thank you once again for volunteering and your efforts are being noticed!
Attire: Flying Samaritans‘ T-Shirt OR red shirts/SDSU gear.
Please remember that you are representing Flying Samaritans to potential students and parents who may become the next volunteers or providers. Therefore, read the membership requirements on our website, newsletter, and flier in order to best educate those who may have questions. Fliers will be given out while the newsletters will only be there to look at on the table. There must be two members at all times at the table.
Our canopy is #2 will be on Campanile, below is a map of all the tables. Our neighbors will be Chicano Medicine and AMSA.
Antoinette Simmons will be there the whole time. If you have any questions please call her at (619) 757-3072
7:30-7:45am: Antoinette, please pick up the canopy materials and sign in with the College of Science Council on Campanile walkway. The fliers/newsletters will be in Dr. Martin’s office (GMCS 333). 
8-9am: Antoinette & Petra
9-10am: Antoinette, Jasmine, Petra
10-11am: Antoinette, Jasmine, Petra
11am-12pm: Antoinette, Karla, Stephanie, Caroline
12-1pmAntoinette, Karla, Stephanie, Gisela
1-2pmYukari, Antoinette, Karla, Gisela
Flying Samaritans Banquet/Graduation Stoles
*In order to keep banquet from interfering with finals we will be having our Banquet on April 24th at 6pm. There will be no charge for the banquet as has been the case in past years.
*Members who purchase a Flying Samaritans graduation stole will be able to pick it up at banquet, there will be a signup sheet with prices this week for those interested in getting a stole.
*Active membership certificates will also be passed out at banquet.
*Car Wash Fundraiser –> Requirement for April & May Clinics
 -If you would like to be eligible for either the April or May Clinic you must sell 5 car wash tickets at $10 each
 -If you would like to be eligible for both April & May Clinics then you must sell 10 tickets at $10 each
-Car wash ticket money for April clinic eligibility are due by march 23rd
and April 20th for the May clinic
*When turning in money for the April clinic please contact Jasmine at (323) 399-9429 to meet up to turn in the money since we will not be having a general meeting on March 23rd due to elections. 
*If you were unable to make it to our meeting and would like to get tickets please contact Jasmine.
*Elections will be held March 23rd from 5-7 
*If you are are running for a position please arrive 5-10 minutes before you scheduled time. If you are late we will continue with the person who is next and you will have to wait for them to finish before commencing your interview
*Please be dressed appropriately in formal attire
*The schedule for election day will be sent out as a reminder closer to election day
*If there are any questions about elections let us know!

Meeting Powerpoint
Have a nice weekend everyone!