March Minutes ’14

Meeting Minutes
March Clinic: Focus will be on women’s health. We have 3 OBGYNs, 1 pediatric doctor, Dr. Farook and Lindsay PA-C coming with us this time. We will also be having the PT program participating in this upcoming clinic. There’s going to be a lot going on!
Upcoming Fundraiser for April clinic: Our fundraising team will be setting up a car wash fundraiser where members are asked to sell 5 tickets to their friends and family. Tickets will probably be $10, and the voucher is good for one car wash (with interior cleaning included) at a local car washing company. We will NOT be doing the actual cleaning, your task is just to sell the tickets and half the proceeds will go towards our club. The vouchers also doesn’t expire so it’s really a great deal! More information will be given out soon.
Banquet: We are having trouble looking for a venue that will accommodate our group size, and not charge us a ridiculous amount of money to use it. Please let us know if you have any place in mind! The tentative date is May 2nd, but a week before that is also a possibility.
Public health fundraiser: This Sunday, March 2nd the Public Health committee is having a garage sale. We’re hoping to sell any used items to raise money for supplies needed to carry through with our project. We are asking all members for donations. If there are any items you would like to get rid of we will gladly take them.  We’ll do our very best to sell everything, despite the weather. You can drop off your donations the day of the GS(contact Adriana Guzman:(858) 805-1385) or you can contact Jose Gonzalez (619) 862-5146 or Geraldo Hernandez (619) 948-3184 and they will get the donations from you on campus.


April Clinic Requirements: the next clinic will be on April 12th. It will be a regular clinic and we will have the PT program come with us again. To be eligible to sign-up for the clinic, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Membership Application and Dues ($20)
  • Have a passport
  • Purchase scrubs ($15)
  • Attend a meeting before the clinic (last meeting before clinic is March 24th @6pm)
  • Participate in the fundraiser (see below)
  • Pharmacy donation on the day of the clinic ($10)
  • Gas/Mexican insurance on the day of the clinic ($10)
CAR WASH FUNDRAISER: At the meeting on Monday, the fundraising chairs passed out the car wash tickets to those who wanted to participate in the fundraiser. You must sell 5 tickets and have the money ready to be turned in to the Fundraising Chairs by Monday March 24th (next meeting). If you lose any tickets, it is your responsibility to cover the cost of it ($10 each). If you didn’t get a chance to pick up your tickets, please contact Jennifer Felix (619-888-1466) or Hayley Gorman (508-277-7518) to schedule a meet-up time to pick it up. If you have any other questions about the fundraiser, please also contact Jennifer and Hayley.
Just to clarify any misunderstanding, only members who participate in this fundraiser will be able to sign-up for the April clinic when we send out the google doc. From this list, we will then pick the members who are chosen to go.