May ’14 Minutes

Thank you to everyone who came to our last meeting of the semester last night. It has been an amazing year, and the executive board would like thank everyone who has been active and passionate about our mission. We hope next year will be even more successful.
At last night’s meeting, we went over:
May clinic details: For those who have fulfilled all the requirements and are attending the May Clinic, be on the look out for an email soon about the meet-up location, time, and what to bring that day.
Graduation Stoles: Ruth will be in contact with you guys on how to pick-up your stoles before graduation day. If you don’t hear from her soon, please contact her at 619-456-1884.
Active Membership Certificates: If you haven’t received your certificate and would like to, Ruth will have them on Monday. She will be on campus, so please contact her to schedule a meet-up time.
Summer Clinic Requirements: Clinics are still being held during the summer months, and are great opportunities to volunteer for if you are staying in San Diego. The followings are the general requirements for them.
  • Passport
  • Membership Application and Due ($20)
    • FYI: If you paid your dues anytime during the last two semesters, you’re covered for the summer. All new members will have to pay this the day of the clinics.
  • Purchase Flying Sams scrubs ($15) unless you have the navy blue scrubs from the nursing program
  • $10 pharmacy donation
  • $10 for gas and Mexican insurance (unless you are a driver)
  • Fundraiser: We will still have fundraisers that you have to participate in
  • NOTE: There will be NO MEETINGS. Emails will be our main form of contact

Dental Clinic in Erendira: UABC is going to be holding a dental clinic in Erendira from May 17-20. They are taking students and dentists and are accepting volunteers who would like to experience how a dental clinic is organized. Erendira is 3 hours south of the border.

More details have to be confirmed from the university but if this sounds interesting please contact Gabriel ( or 619 699 9492).

Co-Pharmacy Election: Thank you to our 4 candidates for stepping up and running for the positions! You all did a great job. The officers will be making the final decision shortly and will contact you individually to notify you of the results.
Please contact us if you have any further questions. Thank you and best of luck to everyone on your finals! Have a great summer!