November Minutes ’13

Here is a recap of tonights meeting:
November Clinic
  • We started the Physical Therapy program collaboration and it went very well. Thank you to all the members who went to the clinic to help out!

December 7th Clinic Requirements

  • Membership application and dues ($20)
  • Purchase Flying Sams Scrubs ($15)
  • Attend one meeting before the clinic (last meeting before clinic is Dec. 2nd)
  • Passport
  • Attend the KK Fundraiser on Dec. 4th
  • $10 for gas and mexican insurance (only if you get picked for the clinic)
  • $10 pharmacy donation (only if you get picked for the clinic)
  • CHANGE to clinical trainings: clinical trainings will only be necessary for anyone who is interested in becoming a Triager (you must already be certified as an EMT, nursing student, nurse, etc). Because our providers are trusting us to take accurate vitals, it is important that we know if everyone is doing it correctly, so we have decided to focus the training on this aspect of the clinic.

Med sorting and Food Drop off

  • We will be going down to TJ on November 23rd at 1pm to do med sorting at the clinic and will also be dropping off all the food donations that we’ve received at the orphanage. If you are interested in coming along to help out, please reply to this email.

Google Doc Sign-Up Instructions

  • If you want to go to the December 7th Clinic, you must fill out the google doc below byThursday November 21st at 5pm
  • Fill out all the columns, and designate which shift you are available for the fundraiser
  • If you want to go the clinic but the fundraiser is going to conflict with your schedule, indicate whether or not you can attend the med sorting. This can replace the fundraiser requirement.
  • Under the column about being an Interpreter, only put YES or NO. Don’t put “conversational” or “2/5” or anything weird.
  • We will pick around 35 members to go to the December clinic based on the clinic’s needs (interpreters, EMTs, drivers, etc)
  • The eligibility list and fundraiser times will be sent out on Friday.

December Clinic Sign-Up

  • We will also be giving priority to members who were not chosen twice for the October and November clinic.
Two new committees 
  • Fundraising Committee: We need help writing grants to get money for the organization and also help with setting up more fundraisers. Please reply to this email if you are interested in being a part of this committee.
  • Bylaws Committee: We are in the process of rewriting some of our organization’s bylaws in order to change how we do elections. If you are interested in helping us rewrite these, please reply to this email.
  • Elections Change: Instead of holding a general election where anyone can vote, an interviewing process will be used instead. Because there will be 9 officers leaving, this means 9 new people will have to step in, so we want to pick the best candidates. The plan is to have Dr. Martin (our advisor), Dr. Farook, Lindsay Ambur PA-C, and the 9 graduating board members interview all the candidates and pick who will get each position. We know this can be intimidating, but since Flying Samaritans is an organization that deals with patient’s lives, we need to be able to pick members who will provide the necessary leadership and commitment needed to become an officer. Please start thinking about which position you might be interested in.  All 14 positions will be open for reelections, and you can find the descriptions of each one on our new website (link will be provided next week).
November Minutes Continued:
Officers leaving next year
  • About 9 Officers are leaving next year, so we will be looking out for passionate members to step up and fill in their roles for next years.
  • Be as active and involved as possible if you would like to run for a position for next year, for example: join committees and help out.
  • The plan is to hold elections in the middle of Spring semester (Feb or March) so that we have the rest of the semester to train new officers since there is a lot to go over and pass on.
  • More details on which positions are available will be given when election time comes closer

Triaging changes during Clinics

  • Even with the clinical training that we’ve been trying to do, the quality of our triaging during the clinics still needs some improvement.
  • We need to standardize our patient assessments so that they are more complete and accurate.
  • For the next clinics, Mitzi would like to check all patient folders after they’ve been triaged, so that if there is something missing or any errors, she can help the triager improve. This is not to punish anyone or to call anyone out on their mistakes, but more to help you guys grow as medical professionals and to improve our system.

Clinical training

  • Last night’s clinical training focused more on the triaging aspect of our clinic. Mitzi went into more details on what questions should be asked, and how to identify patients that need to be sent to lab. She also taught us what a urine analysis really gives us.
  • Please understand that we cannot accommodate everyone to the clinics, no matter how hard we try. We always encourage you to tell us if you have any questions or concerns, but please be professional about your communication with us. You have Ruth’s phone number and the FlyingSams email as methods of reaching us, so please do it at appropriate hours (i.e not 6am in the morning) and in moderate amounts (i.e not 3 emails + 3 text messages).
November Clinic
  • Those eligible to go should’ve received a separate email with the meeting locations and what to bring.
  • We are having a Physical therapist come with us alone with some PT students
Important upcoming dates:
– Nov 9th: Clinic in Mexico
– Nov 18th: Next Meeting
– Nov 27th: KK Fundraiser for December Clinic
– Dec 7th: Clinic in Mexico