November ’14 Minutes

November 3rd, 2014 Minutes

Thank you for all of those who came out to our Monday meeting! The following is what was discussed:
Clinic is this Saturday, Nov 8th. We have women’s specialty clinic, PT services, and Public Health will be presenting on food labels and handing out all the food donations.
Nicole Prete did an overview of triage and Myrna Molina did clinic flow overview. Day of clinic we will be doing an overview and making sure all members know their station duties. Members were able to pay membership fees, purchase scrubs, and turn in shadowing guidelines. We will still have check in at Alterra for those who couldn’t attend.
*Volunteers should be getting an email Friday by 5:00pm with all details. If you are on the volunteer list and do not receive the November 8th Clinic Details email, contact us asap!
November 8th Clinic Requirements
*Must have attended a general meeting (Oct 20th or Nov 3rd)
*Must have a US passport card or booklet (cannot be expired, cannot use birth certificate or drivers license)
*Must purchase scrubs $15
*If new member, must pay $30 membership fee and turn in application & shadowing guidelines
*Must have participated in the Car Wash Fundraiser
*Pay $10 gas & insurance & $10 pharmacy donation day of clinic
Other updates
Fundraising Department – Jasmine Carey, Fundraising Chair (
December clinic fundraising requirement: Swap meet
  • Donate a bag of used clothes/shoes or help us for an hour at the swap meet 
  • Location: Spring Valley Swap meet
  • When: Nov 22
  • More details will be sent out along with December clinic requirements later next week.
Chargers Game
Flying Samaritans has the opportunity to work with the San Diego Chargers on Nov 23; they will be playing against St. Louis. We need to confirm 10 volunteers ASAP to make sure we get a spot. Volunteers need to work for a minimum of 6 hours, you will be ticket takers, ushers as well as other positions throughout the stadium. For every volunteer Flying Samaritans gets $54. It doesn’t have to be just FS members, you can ask your friends to sign up and participate too! Officers will be there as well, the more the better. 
Sign up using the link is below (must be 18 or over!):
Fundraiser at Trisler’s Wine Bar in Mission Valley, December 5th. More details will be coming soon, but the date is set!

CSSC Announcements: Email Niveen at ( for more information on any of the following announcements.

CSSC meetings opened to all and held on Wednesdays at 1PM in Council Chambers (3rd floor of student union).

  • Summer class preferences will be reviewed in approximately 3 weeks. Class Request Survey:
  • Co-Extracurricular Transcript available through Student Life & Leadership.

Opportunity for Graduation Cord: 
(Opened to all science major/minor students)
If you would like a cord from CSSC at graduation, you must earn 15 cord points before graduation. You can earn these points by attending various events approved through CSSC. (1 hour=1 cord point.) A list of approved events are being complied and will be shared through a google document. Below are a few of the upcoming events that will earn you points! For documentation purposes, please fill out the community service form provided by CSSC and take a photo at the event.

Upcoming Approved Events: 

  • Bowling Night w/Deans-Nov.10th (4-5:30pm) ***(Complimentary Bowling, Pizza, and Drinks)
  • CSSC Science Fair-Nov. 15th (8am-4pm)
  • Flying Samaritans Food Drive (brown rice, beans, canned vegetables=1 point)
  • American Medical Student Association Toy Drive (1 toy=1 point)
  • Aztecs Rock Hunger ($5 or 30 pounds=1 point)
Check out our new website:
Dental Clinic- Brandon Villar, Dental Coordinator ( 661-618-6618)
We have an opportunity to participate in the San Diego CEA Dental Convention Nov 7th and 8th. Brandon will be there promoting Flying Samaritans from 6am-6pm both days. Let Brandon know if you can attend, even if it’s just for an hour. It’s a great opportunity to network with professionals and help FS expand. All help is greatly appreciated!
Other- Adriana Guzman, President (
If you are interested or even considered being a leader of Flying Samaritans we would love to get you started. We need to make sure the community of Ejido Matamoros is taken care of and need to make sure we train the new executive board. Contact me if you are interested and I can help you get started. You will shadow all the departments you are interested in and work with the officer to gain a better understanding of the organization and the community we work with. All positions will be open!
If there are any questions feel free to contact us or the indicated officer.

November 17, 2014 Meeting:

Thank you for attending our meeting this week. Pleas read the following for what we went over on Monday as well as some additional updates.
December 13th Clinic Requirements
-Attend a general meeting
-Participate in a fundraiser (swapmeet or chargers fundraiser)
-Have US passport
-Pay the $30 membership fee, fill out membership application
-Purchase scrubs $15
**Nursing student update: we have been informed that the school of nursing would like for nursing students volunteering at the clinic to refrain from wearing the SDSU scrubs because Flying Samaritansis not an SDSU school of nursing affiliated activity. Therefore, nursing students will have to wear other scrubs if they have them or purchase the Flying Samaritans scrubs.
– $10 pharmacy and gas
**The clinic sign up has been sent out & the deadline is Thursday Nov. 20th at 10pm. The volunteer list will be sent out Friday.
Membership Fee & Application – the application will be provided the morning of clinic for new members and the membership fee will be collected that morning as well
  • Spring Valley Swapmeet November 22nd
    • 8am – 3pm
    • Members can volunteer an hour or donate used items (clothes, shoes, toys, etc.)
    • This fundraiser is a requirement for the December Clinic
    • If you are volunteering for the Swap Meet fundraiser, you must volunteer for a minimum of an hour to fulfill the fundraising requirement. If you plan to donate clothes to fulfill the requirement please contact Jasmine Carey to arrange a time for her to get the donations from you. If you plan to volunteer and donate then you can bring your donations with you when you volunteer. If you are volunteering and do not have any transportation to the Swap Meet please contact Jasmine Carey and let her know what area you live in. For those who need a ride, you will probably have to stay for more than an hour. If you have a hard time finding the place or our specific space please contact Adrianna Guzman
    • The fundraiser is at Spring Valley Swap Meet 6377 Quarry Rd, Spring Valley, CA 91977
    • Jasmine Carey 323 399 9429
    • Adrianna Guzman 858 805 1385
  • Charger’s Game November 23rd
    • $50 per volunteer will be donated to Flying Samaritans
    • Members who participate in this fundraiser will be given priority for the December, January, or February Clinic
    • More info to be sent out for those participating in this fundraiser
  • Wine Bar December 5th

Public Health

Flying Samaritans is having a toy/ blanket drive for the December clinic. We would like to provide every child at clinic with a toy for Christmas and every adult with some warm accessories for winter. Tell your family aboutFlying Samaritans over the dinner table during Thanksgiving and share the attached flier about the toy/ blanket drive.Black Friday is coming up and toys are really cheap!! Please bring donations to the next meetingDecember 1st or contact Jonah (916) 317-2271 or Diego to drop off donations. Thank you for your support have a great thanksgiving and holidays!
CSSC Announcements:
  • Open Forum-College of Science (Nov.19, 1PM, Council Chambers)
  • Leadership Minor available for spring semester
  • Summer Class Survey ( s/GQYB2QX)
  • Mascot Research Report (Voice your opinion on mascot change by contacting Niveen)
Cord Points: (1hour=1point)
If there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask.