October Minutes ’13

October Clinic – we had an orphanage come and combining with our regular patients, we saw over 100 patients. Things were hectic at first but in the end thank you to everyone for helping out and making the clinic a success overall.
Oct.19th Orphanage Visit – Thank you Luis and Sarah for going to the event and spending time with the kids at the orphanage!
Please be nice to each other – As a general reminder to everyone, we are all on the same team and working together to make a difference, so we hope that everyone will treat each other nicely. No one is better than anyone else, whether you’re an officer or a long time member or new to the organization. With that said, if you feel that you are being rudely treated by ANYONE, you are always welcomed to speak to Ruth or any officer about it. So to avoid all of this, lets just have fun and be nice to one another! =)
November 9th Clinic – we are still finalizing what services we will be providing for this clinic, but most likely we will be having the SDSU Physical Therapy program come down with us and possibly some dentists to do a dental screen for our patients. More information will be provided later.
Requirements for November Clinic:


  • Be a paid member ($20)
  • Purchase scrubs ($15)
  • Attend one meeting before the clinics
  • Attend the October 30th Krispy Kremes Fundraiser (google doc below)
  • Have a passport
  • Attend 1 clinical training
  • $10 Pharmacy Donation
  • $10 for gas and mexican insurance









Below is the google doc to sign-up for a fundraiser spot. Remember that filling this doc out doesn’t guarantee you a spot, since we will be picking which members will be given one based on our clinic needs. You will have until 4pm on Thursday October 24th to fill this out. If you don’t, you will not be considered for the fundraiser and the clinic. October 24th is also when we will be sending out the list of who was chosen for a fundraiser spot.
Lastly (sorry for the long emails!), a message from SDSU Rotary club.

Hey Flying Samaritans! Interested in getting involved in more community service, volunteering, and networking? Come out to the SDSU Rotary meeting tonight in Aztec mesa at 7pm to find out more. I have attached the application. It is due 10/29, not 10/22. Hope to see you all there!

-Josh Lytton


– Oct 24th 4pm: Deadline to fill out google doc
 Oct 24th: Clinic eligibility list will be sent out
– Oct 30th: Krispy Kremes Fundraiser 7:45-9:00
– Nov 4th: Last meeting before November clinic + Clinical Training
– Nov 9th: Clinic in Mexico
– Nov 27th: KK Fundraiser for December Clinic
– Dec 7th: Clinic in Mexico