September ’14 Minutes

1st General Meeting (Sept. 8th, 2014)

Sept. 8th, 2014

The following topics were covered during the general meeting.
Membership & Clinic Eligibility: The following requirements are to be met in order to be eligible for clinic attendance & in turn will make you an active member.
-Attending a general meeting
-Turn in a membership application along with the $30 fee
-Purchase scrubs $15 (unless you’re a nursing student & have nursing scrubs)
-Participate in a Fundraising event
-Complete clinic training (more details to come)
-Have a valid passport booklet/card
**Members who cannot make it to general meetings due to class/work conflict can make up the general meeting requirement by joining a committee and completing a given task.
Committees: The following areas will be accepting committee members. This is a great way to see what really goes into organizing our clinic. Please email the flying sams email if you are interested in joining a committee ASAP.
-Public Health
-VP External Affairs
-Clinic Coordinator
Clinics: Please see the attached powerpoint link for an intro to “The Flow” of the clinic
 Fundraising: The next fundraiser to be held will be the Body Beautiful Car Wash and is required for clinic eligibility. Car wash tickets will be passed out at our next meeting. Each member is required to sell 5 tickets at $10 each and the money (or tickets if unsold) is to be returned in two weeks at the next general meeting. Members who pick up tickets are responsible for the money or any lost tickets. Any tickets lost must be paid for by members.
 This fundraiser is required for the October clinic. 
Volunteer Hours: Members can keep track of how many hours they volunteer through the Student Life & Leadership website. Instructions on how to log your hours are in the First Meeting Powerpoint.
CSSC Updates: 
1.) Vacant seat for A.S. Representative for CSSC (applications in A.S. Office due on the 15th)

2.) Treasurer needed for CSSC (any science major or minor can be elected)
If there are any members who know physicians or physician assistants willing to volunteer at our clinics we would appreciate if you could contact our Internal VP Michael Bazzi at

 1544424_10202989797801376_8732578561560368280_nSept. 22, 2014

Thank you to all who came to our meeting yesterday. I apologize in advance for the length of this email but please read it carefully and in its entirety as it has a lot if information regarding future clinics and requirements.
To become a member and be eligible for clinics the following requirements must be met:
-Have a valid passport booklet/card
-Fill out membership application & turn in $30 fee
-Purchase scrubs $15
-Attend a fundraiser
-Attend a general meeting
-Pay for $10 for gas & pharmacy donation
**If you are unable to attend general meetings or the fundraiser due to class conflicts you can make up this requirement by joining an officer committee and helping with any tasks they specify
For the October 11th clinic:
We will be having a Krispy Kreme fundraiser on October 8th on campus and members who would like to be eligible for the october clinic must help with this fundraiser. Members will be helping us sell donuts on campus from 7:45am till around 1pm and must sign up for a 1 hour shift.
For the November 8th Clinic:
We will be having a car wash fundraiser through Body Beautiful car wash. Members will be required to sell 5 tickets, which will make you eligible for the November clinic. If you sell less than 5 tickets you unfortunately will not be eligible for the clinic. Members who lose tickets are responsible for paying for that ticket. **Unfortunately there are no exceptions to this, we have signed a contract with the carwash place and have every ticket accounted for.
We will be collecting tickets back as well as the money fundraised at our next general meeting, which is October 6th.
 If you did not make it to meeting but would like to participate in this fundraiser please contact Jasmine so that you can pick up the tickets as soon as possible.
** In order to increase the amount we are fundraising we will be having a prize for the person who sells the most tickets.
     -If you are a new member & sell the most tickets you will get free scrubs
     -If you are a current member & sell the most tickets you will be exempt from paying the $10 gas & pharmacy donation
You can pick up more tickets from Jasmine any time before our next meeting by contacting her at (323) 399-9429
October Clinic Sign-up
If you would like to attend the October 11th clinic please sign up by clicking on the following link. The deadline to sign up is September 26th 10am and the volunteer list will be sent out September 27th.
There is a column for the fundraiser. Please indicate all times you are eligible to work the fundraiser.
The deadline to sign up for the october clinic is September 26th 7pm and the Volunteer list will be sent out the next day September
Clinic Coordinator:
Anyone willing to help in this committee will take about 1-2 hours a week to organize patient files, and input data into our system. We also be brainstorming ways to optimize our clinic so that we can minimize patient wait times and prevent the loss of patient files. The benefit of this committee is that you will obtain knowledge of common  illnesses and medications through the study of patient files, as well as playing a crucial role in improving our clinic.

Those who are interested may contact me personally at
Please be aware that you must be available to help out at least two times a month, or two hours total.

Public Health:
The public health committee is a great way to get involved in practicing and learning about relevant health issues. Being in the committee allows you the opportunity to provide your input on the best ways to pursue public health at our clinic. It is a great way to practice talking to patients about health issues. The committee will help promote prevention and control of prevalent diseases. They will work in conjunction with the public health officers, Jonah and Elli, on various tasks. These tasks will aid in the presentation of important health issues for the patients. Email if you would like to join or learn more. 
Help organize fundraisers and gathering necessary material such as tables, making signs, etc. Help call potential banquet locations and gathering materials for banquet. Help with any other tasks the fundraising chair sees fit. Please contact Jasmine at her email if you are interested in being a part of this committee.
General Announcements
CSSC Vacancy: 
-VP of Marketing
-VP of Finance
*If any students interested, email Niveen ( or CSSC president at ( as soon as possible.