Gabriela Hernandez

The Publicity Chair will update the organization’s website and Facebook Group. Will include clinic, fundraiser, and event pictures. The Webmaster must work hand in hand with the Secretary to keep the Meeting agendas and minutes updated. The calendar of the clinics, meetings, and events must be updated weekly. The Webmaster/Publicity Chair is responsible for advertisement on and off-campus. On-campus advertisement includes making posters and flyers, and the distribution thereof. Publicity Officer must always strive to find effective and creative new ways to dispense information about the Flying Samaritans. The Publicity Officer must take pictures at clinics, meetings, fundraisers, or events and upload them on the website and Facebook. The Publicity Officer must travel a week before the trip to Tijuana to advertise the Flying Sams Clinic.

The CSSC Rep must attend all CSSC meetings, which are held every Wednesday at 1pm. Pass information up to President and Secretary to notify all other members. Present information at every general and officer meetings. Make sure all CSSC requirements are fulfilled. Attend 75% of meetings/clinics and if cannot attend one then it is my responsibility to have a reliable member of the club perform my duties.



"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" - Mahatma Gandhi

Publicity/College of Science Council Representative