Rachel Han

The primary responsibility of the Public Health Chair will be to attend all of clinic trips to create a relationship that clinic patients are comfortable to address concerns and questions to. The Public Health Chair is responsible for educating the clinic and surrounding community about general public health concerns. The Public Health Chair will coordinate activities and/or health topics for the monthly clinics. He/she is also responsible for maintaining and further developing the current public health education research project by recruiting the support of board officers, club members, and faculty. This can be conducted via pamphlets, handouts, health supply bags, Chiropractic clinics, healthy food giveaways, sports, games, and educational workbooks for children. They are also responsible for recruiting fluent Spanish speakers as interpreters for clinic trips and to increase the comfort of non-Spanish speakers with medical Spanish terminology through clinic orientation sessions. The Spanish Liaison must provide informational sheets, posters, and dictionaries in Spanish and English for those members and providers who have difficulty speaking Spanish.


Email: Rachelhan811@gmail.com

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Co-Public Health Chair