Please visit the appropriate tab pertaining to your position: Health Professionals or Interested Individuals to learn more on how you can help.

Membership is not limited to any areas of study. All are welcome to join from students to professionals. We offer two levels of membership corresponding to two levels of involvement with our club, so if you haven’t been to a clinic you can still be an officially recognized Flying Sams member! Please subscribe to our emails or attend our biweekly meetings to receive our clinic sign-up list and  more details on how to become a member. 

Benefits of Volunteering:

As a member, you will gain first-hand experience in administrating, interpreting, taking vital signs, and shadowing our providers. Our members also get the opportunity to experience a health care environment, appreciate another culture, and gain a greater sense of teamwork through active participation. We hope that you too can experience the satisfaction of serving the wonder people of El Florido!

  • Every second Sunday of the month
  • Group of 30+ volunteers:
    • Students with a variety of interests
    • Alumni with experience and advice
    • Faculty with a passion for students
    • Medical professionals with years of experience